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    About two weeks ago Andi called me to get us all together for a trip to Prague. He offered me the opportunity of shooting the whole weekend with the crazy RX1. I’m really into this sensor and shouldn’t be dissapointed. So let’s start. The first pictures are from a small village next to the freeway to Prague.

    _DSC7310 _DSC7313 _DSC7314 _DSC7322 _DSC7323 _DSC7324 _DSC7326 _DSC7332 _DSC7341 _DSC7347 _DSC7353 _DSC7355 _DSC7356 _DSC7363 _DSC7367 _DSC7369 _DSC7373 _DSC7379 _DSC7406 _DSC7411 _DSC7413 _DSC7421 _DSC7435 _DSC7458 _DSC7469 _DSC7488 _DSC7524 _DSC7543 _DSC7577 _DSC7579 _DSC7596 _DSC7629 _DSC7669 _DSC7684 _DSC7691 _DSC7697 _DSC7707 _DSC7731 _DSC7754 _DSC7764 _DSC7769 _DSC7776 _DSC7792 _DSC7808 _DSC7841 _DSC7843 _DSC7857 _DSC7866 _DSC7893 _DSC7903 _DSC7914 _DSC7924 _DSC7934 _DSC7940 _DSC7942 _DSC7949 _DSC7959 _DSC7962 _DSC7963 _DSC7974 _DSC7979 _DSC8012 _DSC8017 _DSC8025 _DSC8035 _DSC8041 _DSC8048

    That’s all!


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